Academic board

Our academic board provides the academic support to our training programs. They unite extensive academic literature with business practice. The academic board guarantees continuous renewal of the necessary knowledge and secures the quality of the training programs.

Erwin Knuyt (1962) is adjunct professor of business-to-business marketing at HUB (University of Leuven). He is managing partner at Knuyt, Heyninck & partners with a focus on designing and implementing complex transformation projects. Before entering the services industry in 2001 with PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting and IBM Business Consulting, he gained 14 years of experience working for manufacturing companies in sales and marketing functions. Erwin has strong consulting skills, has the ability to bring people together, and takes on natural leadership role in teams. In his projects he is result driven, with excellent track record. In 2012 he founded , an action based learning company, focusing on in-company training programs. Passionate on sales, marketing and strategy, Erwin is president of the B2B Marketing expert group of STIMA. Erwin is currently writing a book on ‘marketing in an interconnected world’ for business-to-business marketers. Erwin is father of 3, and enjoys skiing, biking and basketball.

Prof. Rudy Moenaert (1961) is professor of strategic marketing at TiasNimbas Business School (University of Tilburg – Technische Universiteit Eindhoven). His business is the ‘business of fun’: as a scholar, teacher and consultant in the field of strategic marketing, it is his objective to develop science-based knowledge that is relevant to the business community. His research interests focus on business roadmapping: strategic marketing, business development and the management of innovation. He has published in journals such as the Journal of Product Innovation Management, Management Science, R&D Management, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and the Journal of Management Studies. He is an executive teacher on the subjects of strategy, marketing and innovation management (a three-time recipient of the TiasNimbas best teacher award), and advises B2B companies on their marketing strategies. He is the author, of 'De pijn van het ondernemen' (LannooCampus, 2012), and co-authored with Henry Robben and Peter Gouw ‘Marketing Strategy & Organization’ (LannooCampus, 2nd ed. 2011). In addition to research, he enjoys family life, diverse sports, fine cuisine, good wine, mountain trekking and motor biking.

Twitter: @moenaert