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After 10 years of developing and delivering business led action learning, SKEIN is going live with an integrated offering. SKEIN is focussing exclusively on in-company training programs. During these customized programs we support the organisation to implement the learnings in projects and change initiatives.
SKEIN is now offering 2 additional training modules:
  • Channel and Distribution Management
  • After Market Management

Upon request of many organisations, SKEIN is now offering 2 additional modules. Channel and Distribution Management is focused on developing your go-to-market strategy, using intermediaries. After Market Management works around developing your business after the sales of your product.

articles and knowledge on training

The research has shows what important elements can be used in the motivating and stimulating programmes to increase the training efficiency. Furthermore also the perception of effectiveness of the individual training methods and forms of education in comparison with their application in practice, and also what the situation is regarding the evaluation of training efficiency in companies.

It shows indispensable that the practice in companies when only the first two levels are evaluated (i.e. the reaction level and learning level) moved two levels higher and the transfer to the work-place level, business result level and ROI were evaluated too.

The measuring of the return of investment and efficiency of training is therefore not only useful, but it is also a direct prerequisite. It is a prerequisite of creation of training plans, conceiving of educational strategies or composition of specific educational programmes.

Reference: D. M. STANKOVA, M. DRDLA, 'Company Training From the effectiveness and efficieny point of view', Journal on Efficiency and Responibility in Education and Science. Reviewed October 2011.





Name: Peter Pauwels
Title: Director Market Development
Company: Corporate Audio Visual BARCO

"Through the BUMP program, Erwin assisted us in bringing the product managers to a higher level. He brought us an easy but robust framework. The learning through case work, class room teaching and one-on-one coaching simply worked."

Name: Goedele Verlinden
Title: Trade Marketing and Communication Manager EMEA
Company: Graco

"The tailor-made approach based upon real-life situations specific to our business created immediate involvement from our sales people enhancing constructive brainstorming and positive self reflection. The team opened up to learn from each other's experiences and step out of routines."

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