Company Training from the efficiency and effectiveness point of view

The research has shows what important elements can be used in the motivating and stimulating programmes to increase the training efficiency. Furthermore also the perception of effectiveness of the individual training methods and forms of education in comparison with their application in practice, and also what the situation is regarding the evaluation of training efficiency in companies.

It shows indispensable that the practice in companies when only the first two levels are evaluated (i.e. the reaction level and learning level) moved two levels higher and the transfer to the work-place level, business result level and ROI were evaluated too.

The measuring of the return of investment and efficiency of training is therefore not only useful, but it is also a direct prerequisite. It is a prerequisite of creation of training plans, conceiving of educational strategies or composition of specific educational programmes.

Reference: D. M. STANKOVA, M. DRDLA, 'Company Training From the effectiveness and efficieny point of view', Journal on Efficiency and Responibility in Education and Science. Reviewed October 2011.