Name: Peter Pauwels
Title: Director Market Development
Company: Corporate Audio Visual BARCO

"Through the BUMP program, Erwin assisted us in bringing the product managers to a higher level. He brought us an easy but robust framework. The learning through case work, class room teaching and one-on-one coaching simply worked."

Name: Goedele Verlinden
Title: Trade Marketing and Communication Manager EMEA
Company: Graco

"The tailor-made approach based upon real-life situations specific to our business created immediate involvement from our sales people enhancing constructive brainstorming and positive self reflection. The team opened up to learn from each other's experiences and step out of routines."

Name: Johan De Neve
Title: General Manager
Company: Syntra West

"The Applied Marketing program propelled young potentials in our organization to a higher level in just a few months."

Name: Johan Stockman
Title: VP Strategic Marketing Barco Healthcare Division
Company: Barco

"We have applied the blended learning & coaching approach during Barco’s Upstream Marketing Project. The combination of teaching solid product marketing techniques, followed by a direct application of these learning materials into our new products pipeline, has proven to be very beneficial. The engagement in the learning project increased significantly and resulted in a structured upstream marketing approach, now embedded in our processes. The external coaching aspect during the project work kept the pace high to achieving timely deliverables and drives non-biased outcomes."

Name: Piet Candeel
Title: Senior Vice President
Company: Barco

"Thanks to the Barco BUMP project, we have been able to bring better products faster to market thanks to the structure and process BUMP has brought into our upstream marketing programs."

Name: Nicolas Maes
Title: Sales en Marketing Director
Company: Zenito Sociaal Verzekeringsfonds
"This program was a true eye opener, it changed the way we learn, it 
changed the way we work and it definitely changed the way we think."
Name: Karel Van den Eynde
Title: Director Organisation, Quality and Innovation
Company: Zenito Sociaal Verzekeringsfonds
"Our program called ‘Peripatos’ has fueled quite some enthousism and 
involvement across our organisation under the insprirational leadership of Erwin 
Knuyt. All departments involved worked together to improve the future of Zenito. 
The projects and improvements are now integrated into the day-to-day organisation 
of our company."