business to business marketing

The overall project objectives of the ‘business-to-business training’ are to learn to think in terms of customer for the customer value.


  • The key objective of the training is to make create a customer centric attitude in the ‘product & marketing team’.
  • Fundamental topics: the nature of B2B marketing, business buying behaviour, B2B marketing strategy, B2B market research, B2B market segmentation, Inbound and outboud marketing,  B2B relationship management, B2B communication, Pricing in B2B markets, B2B channels and go-to-market strategies.
  • Advanced topics: value networks, digital networks, open innovation in a B2B context, platform management.


An example of related topics:

Introduction to B2B marketing

·B2B marketing principles,
·B2B marketing mix,
·Market positioning in a competitive environment
·Case working

Understanding Value

·Market insight: understand the environment
·Market segmentation
·Customer value proposition
·Understanding how purchasing works
·The commodity magnet
·Case working

Creating Value

·Innovation funnel
·The role of the product manager
·Services as core of the market offering
·‘creative minds’
·Business channel management: go-to-market strategy
·Case working