applied marketing and organisational change

The overall project objectives of the ‘applied marketing and organisational change training’ are to learn to think in terms of customer value and lead the organisation in the transition to the newly defined state:


  • Understand company vision, culture and spirit.
  • Learn management techniques and how marketing can support the vision.
  • Work in multifunctional teams and learn from each other.
  • Stimute creative thinking and innovation.


An example of related topics:



Opening  seminar

Defining marketing, DMU/PSU, Marketing interfaces, value creation, Case study

Strategic marketing

The role of marketing in defining the strategic company objectives. Defining a vision for marketing.

Business roadmapping. Positioning in a competitive environment.

Case study

Business modeling

Business modeling Workshop

Customer focus

What is customer focus? Why is it important and how do we measure it?

Workshop customer experience

Who are our customers? Do we understand our customers?

Customer experience and customer value. Decision making proces for the customer.

Service development and innovation


Recent findings and theory on innovation. Open innovation.

How do we cope with innovation? Service innovation.

Case working

Services marketing

Positioning and marketing of services.

Organisation, culture and change

Strategic objectives and change. Speed of change.

Formel and informal organisation.

Implementation of change in an organisation.

5 colours of change


How to position our company and brand? What is the customer perception? Importance of positioning in the mind of the customer.


Communication policy. Importance of the brand.

Communication mix and media.

Massmarketing, direct marketing, one-to-one marketing, sociale media.

Closing seminar

Discussion, evaluation and identification of initiatives.